Bed buying guide

You might not know it, but there’s lots to consider when buying a new bed. We’ve put together this Bed Buyers Guide to help you understand these factors and help you on your way to finding your perfect bed and perfect night’s sleep. Divans are still the most popular style of base in the UK. They are essentially an upholstered box, fitted with castors for mobility or on legs to create space beneath.


Sprung edge divans

The most luxurious option and feature a complete open coil or pocket spring unit mounted on a frame which acts like a giant shock absorber, increasing the mattress’s durability.

Solid or platform top

These have a rigid, non-sprung top panel, often made from hardboard. Beds with these bases are generally firmer, as well as cheaper than beds with sprung bases.

Firm edge divans

Generally feature a smaller number of larger, heavy duty springs within a rigid, wooden sided frame. A divan is useful if you’re tight on space as most are available with drawers or lift-up storage, known as ottomans. Storage need not affect the comfort or quality of the bed.

Base options explained

All divan bases have plenty of storage options to keep clothing, shoes and even bedding out of sight.

Storage Drawers

They are lots of storage options for underneath the bed, such as 2 drawers, 4 drawers, 2+2 drawers or even no drawers. It's a great option if you're short on bedroom space but want something a bit more stylish than a standard divan bed.

Ottoman Divan Bases

An ottoman-style bed lifts up, letting you store your belongings inside.